Instructor Tuition:

Instructor courses have a limited availability

Instructor course fee: $300 per person

This fee includes the instructor essentials online course materials, the 8 hour day long instructor course, and an instructor’s manual in the discipline the instructor is to be certified in.  Upon registration and course payment, the instructor essentials password access code and web address will be emailed to the participant and the instructor’s manual will be mailed to the participant.

Pre-Course Requirements:

  1. All prospective participants in an instructor course must have a current AHA certification in the discipline the candidate wishes to teach.  Heartsaver instructors can only teach AHA Heartsaver courses.  They cannot teach the BLS Healthcare Provider Course.  BLS instructors can teach the Healthcare Provider Course as well as all other AHA Heartsaver courses.
  2. All prospective participants in an instructor course must complete the AHA Instructor Essentials online course in their respective discipline.  This a 1-2 hour computer modular study that is completed independently on a home computer.  The password access code and web address will be sent to the participant via email once registration is complete; therefore early registration for this course is strongly recommended.
  3. All prospective participants must bring a copy of their current certification card and the certificate of completion from the instructor essentials online course to the instructor course.

Post-Course Requirements:

  1. The instructor must align with an AHA Training Center.  In order to purchase certification cards for students, an instructor must align with a training center.  Certification cards cannot be purchased independently.  Alignment with a training center is simply an affiliation in order to track paperwork and card distribution by the training center and the AHA.  The training center in not an employer of the instructor.  Alignment is completed by registering on the AHA Instructor Network.
  2. The instructor must be monitored by Training Center faculty with whom they are affiliated with.  The instructor’s certification card will be issued by the training center they are aligned with once their first course has been monitored.  The instructor candidate has 6 months from the date of their instructor course to teach their first course and be monitored by training center faculty.  If the first course is not monitored within this time period, the instructor candidate must repeat an instructor’s course.
  3. The instructor must teach a minimum of 4 classes in a 2 year period in the discipline that they are certified with in order to maintain their instructor status.  The initial monitoring course does not count towards the 4 course minimum.
  4. All instructors are independent agents and must provide their own equipment and AHA teaching materials including books for students per the recommended AHA guidelines in order to teach classes.  The following AHA supplier companies can be searched online to view a full catalogue of their products:;; or


Cancellation/refund of an instructor’s class will be issued only if written requests are received up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled course.  NO refund will be issued to cancellations less than 72 hours prior to an instructor’s course.  However, a partial refund of $200 may be issued for emergencies deemed credible by the training center.  No partial refunds will be issued without contact to the training center PRIOR TO the course start time via phone message and/or email.  NO refunds for “no shows”.  Students arriving more than 10 minutes late of class start time will be considered “no shows”.