Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer AHA certified courses?

All of our courses are American Heart Association courses.  Your certification card will be an AHA card.

How long is my card valid for?

All AHA certified courses are valid for a two year period.  Your card is valid through the month of expiration.  I.E.; if you took a course on the 5th of July, it is valid until July 31st of the expiration year. 

Do you offer CEU credit?

We offer 8 hours of CEU credit for all full day ACLS and PALS courses.  BLS and any recertification courses are no longer eligible for any CEU credit per the Florida Board of Nursing.  We currently offer CEU credit to RNs, LPNs, and RRTs.

Do I get my card at the end of the class?

You will receive your certification card at the end of the class provided that you pass all skills portion requirements and written test requirements applicable to the course you have taken.  All BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses require an 84% or higher on the written exam to pass the course.

What is the difference between a Heartsaver course and a BLS course?

All Heartsaver courses are non-medical, general courses geared towards working professionals that require a CPR certification as part of their employment.  Heartsaver courses are best suited for high school student virtual online requirements, security guards, teachers, personal trainers, community program and church organizations.  This course requires only a skills test for certification and no written exam.

BLS for Healthcare Providers is a medical based course geared towards healthcare professionals in hospital and clinical based settings.  BLS courses are best suited for nurses, doctors, paramedics, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and anyone working directly with patients as required by your employer.  Skills testing and a written exam are required for BLS courses.

*A CNA license is the only healthcare provider who can be recognized by the Florida Board of Nursing and take either the Heartsaver or BLS course.  The type of certification that you will need is usually employer dependent. 

Why can’t I get my BLS certification when I take an ACLS/PALS class?

BLS, ACLS, and PALS are three separate AHA certification courses each with their own skills proficiency testing and written exam requirements.  While you must show proficiency in doing CPR in an ACLS/PALS course, all of the BLS course requirements are not covered in an ACLS/PALS course.  AHA strongly recommends that you have a BLS certification prior to taking an ACLS or PALS course, but it is not a requirement by the American Heart Association.

*Most clinical institutions will require that you show proof of certification in both BLS ANDACLS or PALS as separate certifications.

**CPR4U does not offer BLS and ACLS/PALS courses in a one day course as the ACLS/PALS class is 8 hours and the BLS course is 4 hours.  It is simply too much material to cover in a one day course by our standards.

Why can’t I get a refund of my tuition if I cancel within 72 hours of a class?

Within 72 hours of a course, we have already arranged to have the appropriate number of instructors to teach a scheduled class.  AHA requires that we have the appropriate instructor to student ratio to properly teach the course according to AHA guidelines. The instructors are paid weather you are there or not, therefore we cannot offer a refund, but we will gladly reschedule you into a future class with notification PRIOR TO the beginning of your scheduled course either by phone message or email.  A $10 rescheduling fee will apply to any notice within 72 hours of a course.